How to Apply Fake Eyelashes for Beginners: Easy!

Apply false eyelashes easy foolproof

Many girls shun away from fake eyelashes because it seems hard to apply. Instead, they choose to go for eyelash extensions that prove to be bad for their own natural lashes. Read more about eyelash extensions side effects in our previous article.

Tools Needed: Eyelash Glue, Tweezer, and Scissors


Step One: Measure

Measure the fake eyelashes on your eyes by placing it on your lash line. If it is a little too long for your eyes, trim the fake lashes from the outer corner.


Step Two: Lash Glue

Line the lash band with the glue. For Bambi Lashes, there is no need for black eyelash glue or a layer of eyeliner under the fake eyelashes. This is because our lash band is flexible and fits the contour of your eyes very well, unlike normal synthetic cheap fake eyelashes.


Step Three: Let Dry (Optional)

Let the lash dry a little bit before applying. Some of our makeup artists just apply them without drying. It is completely up to your own personal makeup preference. However, it is advisable to let the black eyelash glue become a little tackier if you decide to use it.


Step Four: Tweezers or Fingers!

Source: MakeupByMisscee

Grab the middle of your fake eyelashes with your tweezers or fingers! Apply it close to your lash line. Secure the middle area of your lash line first by pressing in. Then, fix the outer corners of the fake eyelashes into your lash line. Finally, press the inner corner of the lashes in.


Step Five: Combine it!

Press the fake eyelashes with your real lashes together to make them look real!


That's how easy it is! Many girls think that fake eyelashes are difficult to apply. No doubt, cheap synthetic fake eyelashes can get pretty tough because of its inflexible lash band. Bambi Lashes designed its fake eyelashes to be very flexible so you can apply them under 5 minutes. Girls like our makeup artists are always on the go! Bambi Lashes is the only one that is Singapore makeup artists' favourite. Easy, fast, and safe