Eyelash Extensions in Singapore: It's Bad for You

Review on Eyelash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions is one of the biggest beauty trends. At least 10 bloggers have blogged reviews about Singapore's eyelash extensions. They come in Korean styles, and even medical grade versions. Girls have gone gaga to find the best eyelash extension deals through Singapore's ever-known Groupon page. But are these eyelash extensions the best for your eyes and beauty? In our opinion, it's bad for you. Read about the side effects below.


 Eyelash Extensions Have Side Effects. Read more below.


Believed to many, falsies take a lot of time and practice to apply. This is false.

Bambi Lashes is designed with 100% cotton lash band, which will give great flexibility to suit the contour of your eyes. In fact, most of our customers take less than 7 minutes to apply both lashes because of the special cotton material that other brands do not have. 


Eyelash Extensions… Are they Really Worth It?

Let’s start from the cheaper eyelash extensions available in Singapore. You are enticed by the seemingly “good” eyelash extension promotions found on Groupon. You purchase the voucher and enter into the salon hoping to get your bang for buck. But you are then persuaded by the pushy staffs to get more add-ons and purchase packages for eyelash extensions (which they will convince you that you will save more money). You are convinced and proceed with the eyelash extensions with your beauty therapist. When you’re done, you may find your eyelash extensions to be clumpy. One week later, most of your eyelash extensions have dropped out. To make matters worse, these eyelash extensions can cause your eyes to be very irritated. This is because these technicians are not trained to give good quality lashes.

Of course, there are girls who get good results from the top eyelash extension salons in Singapore. About $100, your eyelash extensions will fall off to about 30% left by one month. Subsequent touch-ups are pretty expensive to maintain as well!


If You are Not Worried about Cost…

Then you should be worried about damaging your own natural lashes. Why is that so? Normally, your own lashes will be unable to support the weight of your eyelash extensions. This causes follicle damage and breakage of your own lashes. When you get these eyelash extensions done over a long period of time, you may get traction alopecia. This is the condition in which your natural lashes may not regrow permanently. Read here to learn about why this procedure is not recommended for you.

Ophthalmologists have also proven that eyelash extensions have caused injuries the eyes. The fibres of your extensions can cause your cornea to get scratched. Additionally, the glue used for your eyelash extensions may cause allergic reaction (especially formaldehyde). 

Another issue that most people dislike about eyelash extensions is that makeup(such as eyeliner) is difficult to remove without damaging the extensions. Most girls would have makeup trapped in their eyelashes and this can result in infection.


So What Do I Do?

Bambi Lashes recommend you to find alternative ways. One, you can try out Latisse to grow out more eyelashes of your own. Two, invest in falsies. A lot of people are mistaken about falsies, claiming that they are difficult to apply and are irritating to the eyes. This is because they usually purchase synthetic lashes or falsies with inflexible lash band. Synthetic and cheap false eyelashes are a no-no because it can look fake when worn and can only last 3 times (although it is cheap). Our article here compares the difference between synthetic and mink lashes. There are better false eyelashes out there, but they are unable to last long because of the low quality lash band. Our lash bands are 100% cotton, and our mink furs can last up to 25 times while looking like real eyelashes. Try our range of lashes here for yourself. Bambi Lashes' make-up artists and clients love our lashes because of the unparalleled texture that feels like your own lashes! 

Bambi Lashes Princess

One way to begin practicing is purchasing a more natural false eyelash, which is Bambi Lashes in Princess. Princess is our most popular choice amongst bridal makeup artists in Singapore, especially in Korean-style makeup.

However, if you are bent on getting eyelash extensions, do be sure that you find the best and top eyelash extension shops. Ultimately, you do want to be careful on your eyes as they are very precious.